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PPC Management.

PPC Management

Pay per click management is also known as PPC management and cost per click management. PPC campaign is a model of Internet marketing mainly used for attracting web traffic to ecommerce websites. In this model, the advertisers pay to PPC Provider whenever an advertisement is clicked by a visitor. We bid with search engines on specific keywords phrases that they consider as relevant to the markets they target. Websites normally charge fixed prices for each click, instead of any broad bidding system. Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing are the major PPC providers but they follow the bid-based model.

How do we Determine Cost of Pay Per Click Flat Rates?

As an experienced PPC management company, HV InfoTech is the best one to advise you on which type of payment model you should select for pay per click campaign management. The choice of either the flat-rate model or the bid-based model is done on the potential value of a single click from one source. In flat-rate model for PPC, the website owner comes to an agreement with us on a fixed amount for each click. However, the cost per click usually varies according to the geographic area in which the eCommerce owner operates. Further, the contents in the web pages of the eCommerce owner that are likely to attract more visitors have higher rates for each click, while contents with lesser pull are charged at lower rates. Additionally, the duration of the contract and the total value also decide the PPC rates.

We are Winners of Most PPC Bids

On the other hand, in the bid-based revenue generation model, we and others compete in a private auction by the eCommerce website owner. The advertisers indicate the maximum amount they are prepared to pay for a single ad spot, based on keywords selected by them through online keyword tools. The ad spot becomes part of search engine results page (SERP) and the auction occurs automatically when a keyword search occurs. The bids that target the keyword able to mark the geo-location of the searcher, the time and day of search, etc. are compared to determine the bid winner. There could be multiple winners in case of multiple ad spots. Even though the highest bidder is usually selected for pay per click bid management, the decision could be influenced by other factors like ad relevance, ad quality, etc. This is where HV InfoTech, a leading PPC management company, had been able to score over our other competitors in this field in garnering more ecommerce clients. Our experience and expertise are valued by our clients and our customer list is continuously expanding.

HV InfoTec, Masters of PPC Campaigns

HV InfoTech is an experienced PPC management company India, with expertise in pay per click campaign management. We have special teams to concentrate on management of pay per click campaigns on Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, Overture, etc. If you wish to know more about our specific strategies, contact us and our trained personnel would provide detailed information on our PPC management service.